Internet Of Things (IoT) Module Contents

Module-1: Introduction to Raspberry Pi

Board, ARM SoC (system-on-chip) architecture, Hardware interfaces,Raspbian OS (Linux Desktop), Preparing the SD cardfor OS, Booting the RPi, Networking & File-sharing on the RPi

Module-2: Python Programming

Python Programming language,Installing Python interpreter,Variables, Objects, Statements and Expressions, Operators, strings, Lists, Files, Booleans, Conditional Statements, Control Statements, Functions.

Module-3: Programming of the Pi

Access the Web, Control Peripherals with Pi, Control LEDs, PWM,LCD and scrolling LCD, Interfacing Relay & other Components

Module-4: MQTT Protocol

Understanding MQTT,MQTT Broker / Subscribe / Publish,MQTT QoS,MQTT Topics pattern,MQTT Tools

Module-5: Cloud Computing with IOT

Intro to IOT builder ,Managing account, Connecting RPI, Controlling Hardware, Creating triggers, Getting notifications, Connecting mobile to RPI,Scheduling events.