Embedded Real Time OS with Micro-Controller

Module-1: RTOS Concepts

Introduction to Real Time Operating System, Classifications of RTOs, Misconception of RTOS , Features of RTOS, RTOS Architecture, Monolithic Kernel & Micro Kernel.

Module-2: RTOS Management

Task Management, Task Synchronization ,Inter task Communication, Memory Management, Timer Management, Interrupt & Event handling,

Module-3: FreeRTOs Porting

BSP of FreeRTOs for LPC2148, Compiling FreeRTOS in IDE, Understanding the APIs of FreeRTOs, Porting RTOS to LPC2148.

Module-4: FreeRTOS Programming

Led programming with Free RTOS,Serial port programming, Priority and preemptive programming, Message queue, semaphore and Time delay programming with Free RTOs.